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Amy started her fashion career over 10 years ago.
Leaving behind her Creative Director days for the geek chic world of technology, she realised that fashion was an integral part of her life & wanted a place to document her style, thoughts and musing.

She now works as a part time stylist, blogger and fashion influencer.

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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Beach View


Tel Aviv Beach View



Recently I had the opportunity to visit Tel Aviv for a week.

Tel Aviv as a city is vibrant and bustling, with a mixture of western & middle eastern, old & new.

There’s so many nationalities living, working and visiting the city that there’s never a dull moment, T.A provides a plethora of things to do, see and eat. With day trips to Arab quarters, Masada, Jerusalem, Southern and Northern towns you’ll never experience a bored moment.

I’d recommend seeing this city for yourself, immersing yourself in the atmosphere and there won’t be a doubt of a return visit.